Monday, August 20, 2012

Because I'm a Nerd...

I'm always on the lookout for funny puns and other corny methods of comedy. I enjoy pretty much any form of humor (except rude humor; it never agreed with me), but for some reason puns just kill me every time. Like this thing I saw at the local coffee shop:

I am such a nerd.

Hanneli :}

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grad Party

     So yes, I have been MIA for about a month. And it's pretty much because of two things: I've been busy and I've been lazy. Such is summertime! So here are the long-overdue pictures of the crafts I made for my graduation party {I told you about them here, um, a month ago :}

Butterflies on flower jars

Paper leaf branches

And - of course - the paper flowers...

Boyfriend made this one... pretty good for a sporty guy, eh? :)

And my eternally creative aunt made this beautiful mobile out of a stick, laminated paper butterflies, nylon cord, and beads from my stash. Wasn't that an awesome idea? She could make tons of money selling them. Seriously.

     So that was my big crafting spree. I had a lot of fun! Everything added such a whimsical touch to my party, which I love. I guess I'm still a little young at heart, which is a good thing to be. :)