Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grad Party Prep

So, my graduation party is this week, and I'm in charge of decorating! Yay! I finally get to let my creative juices flow and utilize all my Pinterest photos! Hehe :)

My greatest source of inspiration comes from the website ~Ruffles and Stuff~. Disney has such amazing ideas (and her name is Disney; how awesome is that??)!! She had an idea to cut out butterflies from scrapbook paper, and I'll be doing that to paste on mason jars filled with wildflowers. (I got the butterfly template here.)

And my favorite project to work on are these beautiful, super-easy paper flowers!

This idea also came from Ruffles and Stuff. Click on the picture to learn how to make 'em! It is seriously SO easy. My boyfriend came over yesterday to help me make some (isn't that the sweetest?), and he did pretty well!

I'm also making a few of these:

Tree branches decorated with paper leaves! How ingenious!

So there's a little glimpse of my projects this week. I'll post pics of the actual party (and my versions of these crafts) later.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Reason to Love Mondays

     Happy Monday everybody!!! Aren't Mondays simply the best day of the week? (Yes, I know you're all rolling your eyes; I'm speaking tongue-in-cheek, in case you haven't noticed. ;)
     Well, since we all need a little pick-me-up on Mondays, allow me to share with you one of the reasons I am able to look forward to this day: Messy Mondays videos!!!!!


     Messy Mondays are weekly videos (put out on Mondays, as per the title) made by the clean-but-nonetheless-funny-because-the-only-true-humor-is-clean comedy group Blimey Cow. They are insightful, thought-provoking, and just downright funny. Watch today's video above or find their YouTube channel here.

Hope this helps make Monday your new favorite day!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Must-Read Book... Seriously

     So in case you haven't noticed... I'm a girl (shocking, I know). And because I'm a girl, I do things, say things, and process things the way girls do. And (I'm sorry, but) you would have to be a complete idiot to not know that girls and guys are different. We have our similarities, of course; otherwise we'd never get along, but at our cores we are wired differently. Guys do things, say things, and process things in ways that I never would and could. And you know what? That is perfectly okay. That's what makes relationships so beautiful: the fact that, despite/because of our differences, men and women can complement each other perfectly.
     Along those lines, I've been reading this book:

                                                        Picture courtesy of Amazon :) 

     Guys are Waffles: Girls are Spaghetti is everything a book on romantic relationships (in this case, teenage ones, but the message applies to adult ones as well,) should be. It's funny. It's thought-provoking. It's true. The whole premise of the book is pretty much explained in the title: Guys, like waffles, go through life seeing every aspect of life in it's own separate box. Girls, like spaghetti, see every aspect of life as interconnected, affecting every other aspect of life. 
     If you are currently single with the intention of one day being in a relationship, this book is awesome. It gives you a clear understanding of the opposite sex. And if you are currently in a romantic relationship, this book is awesome. It imparts wisdom that will help you wisely navigate the ins and outs of your significant other's general personality. And if you are currently married, this book is awesome just because the book is awesome. 
     I can't and don't want to go into detail on all that the book offers. You need to get it for yourself. If you've ever wondered "why are boys/girls like that?" the book is for you. You will laugh out loud at times, nod your head in voracious agreement at other times, and maybe once or twice widen your eyes with a "eureka!" at still other times. 
     Whatever the case may be, please, please read this book. You won't be sorry, no matter where you are in life, age-wise or relationship wise. I am aware that this is the "teenage" version; the original "adult/marriage" version is on the market as well. But this is a great, easy-read book to whet your appetite. (Get it? Waffles/spaghetti, appetite? Harharhar ;)

Check out the book on the Amazon website by clicking here.

Monday, June 11, 2012


   This past weekend I reached a milestone; I graduated from high school. It's sort of surreal in that I can't believe I'm really this old.


    My family, grandparents and beau traveled into Erie for the commencement. I was home schooled, so the ceremony was made up of homeschooled graduates in the Erie area. It was very nice!

That confounded tassel would not stay on right!

   Afterward we visited Presque Isle, the Peninsula that has sweet beaches right on Lake Erie.

I built the house and trees. Boyfriend made the cliffs behind them :)

   The day was wonderful. It was a blessed, memorable time with those dearest to me, which makes for the best kind of graduation day. Because, after all, these are the people that helped me become who I am. Without them I wouldn't be graduating! 



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pure, Blissful Ecstasy

   I don't usually get excited about things. I mean, I might be internally excited, but not usually enough to whoop and dance and run about. It's just not me. And while I'm not whooping and dancing and running about because of this, I am pretty excited. This Christmas the movie version of Les Miserables is coming out, and I am beyond excited! Which is funny, because usually with movies I'm only moderately excited. Les Mis is just something special, I guess.
   Anyhoo, here is one minute and thirty seconds of pure, blissful ecstasy that is the teaser trailer for Les Miserables. I've probably watched it almost ten times, and get goosebumps every time. You will too!

Can anyone else simply not wait until this comes out? Please let me know I'm not alone in my obsession! :)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime Bucket List

Summer is finally here! And with it comes all the ambitions, optimism, and fun that it can bring.

And I'm in the new-leaf-turning mood, because I have finally graduated high school! How awesome is that?

So I've decided to make a bucket list of things to do in what promises to be a most exciting summer:

1. Read, read, read! 
My awesome friends Maria and Rose got me a Kindle touch for my 18th birthday... 

...And I have about sixty classics on it so far, so my reading list is extensive. I'm almost done with A Girl of the Limberlost, an awesome book I remember reading when I was like six, but I barely recalled any of it. :}

2. Cook
I like to be in the kitchen, but I often don't have the time or inspiration. So I'm going to tackle some cooking projects this summer. My beau and I will be taking a picnic sometime soon, so hopefully that'll give me the chance to make these: 

Or maybe this:

(pictures complements of Pinterest)

3. Sew more, get discouraged at it less.
I love to sew. I love making clothes: figuring out which seams to make, altering what I already have, and fantasizing about all the gorgeous stitches I will make. Unfortunately, I am also easily discouraged. Thus I have a huge list of projects I started but haven't (and probably never will) finish. 

    (I once had a burning ambition to make and sell these clippies.)

...which just adds to my discouragement. But this summer I am bound and determined to sew myself some...stuff. I don't care what it is; as long as I feel like I accomplished something I shall be happy. :)

I'm a writer. I love to construct sentences, to create worlds, and to engage people in the thoughts and emotions conveyed on the printed page. It is one of the most awesome and precious things in the world. I love it so much that next year I'm going to college for journalism. I'll be up to my ears in grammar and papers and thesauruses... 'twill be so fun! But my outlet is story writing. I love using the world around me to give reality to the worlds I create. And this summer I hope to be doing just that... a lot. :)

5. Be active
It's summer, for heaven's sake. No more sitting around inside for me! I will be perfecting my golf skills, swimming in the sunshine, and hopefully learning some soccer from my very adept significant other. He says with some practice I could be really good, which... will hopefully be the case.

(Me and my sister facing off :)

And being active will definitely help with item #2 of the bucket list, especially if I end up eating too much (which is bound to happen, if the Pinterest photos are any indication. ;)

     So what do you have planned this summer? Any bucket list items I should add? Please let me know! 5 items for a bucket list isn't very much!!