Monday, September 23, 2013

Word of the Week: Egalitarian

A few years back, when I was in homeschool-highschool, I had this really old spelling book that I used. It was literally like a hundred years old. It was awesome. And one of the words I feel like I remember learning is egalitarian. It's a doozy of a word.

adj. (Ee-gal-uh-tare-ee-en)
Relating to the belief that all people are equal.

The founding fathers built this country on egalitarian beliefs. 
She did not let all the children play the game. That was not very egalitarian.
I'm not Egalitarian, but I am egalitarian.

Have a splendid day!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Book Review: "Pleasing God"

So this was supposed to be out yesterday, but better late than never, right??

I finished reading Pleasing God last week, after at least four years of trying to get through it.

It's not that it's a tedious read, or even that it's boring. I'm just not good at being motivated. It's an awesome book, and I really don't know why it's taken me this long.

find it on Amazon here.

I was introduced to Pleasing God four years ago when it was the "curriculum" for my church's ladies Bible study. It's meant to go along with a journal, a sort of study guide, to really soak in the principles. But you don't need the journal to be inspired by this book. The book is geared toward women, but the principles in it apply to anyone. I think it could make a great couples' devotional book. 

In her lively, entertaining, and at times, even cheeky style, Kay Smith (wife of Pastor Chuck Smith) guides us through the principle of living to please God. In our hectic lives, it can be hard to know what is wrong, what is right, what should be done, and what we shouldn't do. Mrs. Smith believes it is simple, that every decision in life boils down to one question: does this please God

The book is inspiring, convicting, and encouraging. I urge you to read it. In it you will find a wealth of wisdom and direction. And you might want to invest in a pen or highlighter too... my copy of the book is underlined within an inch of its life!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Word of the Week: Gregarious

Alas, I've been lax! I apologize for the tardiness. I've been busy and forgetful, and so I've missed a book review day and a Word of the Week!

So here is this week's word. I came across it in my Autobiographical Writing class. I had to consult the wisdom of Google again, because I either don't know or I forgot (which is probably more likely) what it means:

adj. "Fond of company; sociable" (from Google)

The Reverend is a very gregarious man.
The gregarious dog got excited when company came over.
I wish I was more gregarious!

Enjoy your new word! Go forth and be gregarious!


P.S. I will have a book review of Pleasing God out tomorrow... I promise! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Word of the Week: Asceticism

I was reading in Colossians a week or so ago, and in one section of it, Paul is encouraging believers not to be condemned by fellow Christians who might impose their own personal convictions and rules. Such man-made laws "...have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the flesh" (Colossians 2:23 ESV).

I had never heard the word asceticism before. It sounds like a disease. So I consulted the wisdom of Google.

n. (ah-SET-uh-sizm)
"Severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons." (Google)

The hermit practiced rigid asceticism.
The nanny imposed asceticism on the children.
No dancing, card playing, or cake? What kind of asceticism is this?

I think this might be a new favorite word.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review: "Autobiography of a Face"

This week's book review is of  a book I haven't actually finished reading yet, but I've read enough to be able to recommend it. It's called Autobiography of a Face, and it's the memoir of Lucy Grealy. I've been introduced to the book through my Autobiographical Writing class. (try saying that three times fast!)

Find it on Amazon here.

Lucy Grealy was born in Ireland in 1963, and her family came to the U.S. to live when she was four years old. When she was nine, she was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma, which affected her jaw. Her memoir deals with the experience of losing large portions of her jaw and going through the myriad cancer treatments.

Ewing's Sarcoma has only a 5% survival rate, so just the fact that Lucy survived is a miracle. However, the many, many surgeries and chemo treatments she went through drastically affected the way she saw herself as she grew up. In her memoir she talks about the stares she received anywhere she went, and the mocking that even total strangers would make of her.

In the end, Lucy was able to embrace herself for who she was, challenging our culture's obsession with perfection and deciding to be a beautiful human being regardless of looks. In my opinion, she was gorgeous, inside and out.

Lucy Grealy died in 2002 at the age of 39. But the words and message of her memoir are eternal. It is raw, incisive, grieving, and inspiring. It isn't an easy book to read, but it's a good one. A very very good one. I hope you are able to experience it.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Word of the Week: Egregious

I've recently made a little transplant from my home in the hills of Pennsylvania to my relatives' home outside Nashville, Tennessee. So far things have been excellent. During one of our evening family talks, the word "egregious" came up. It's a simply splendid word.

adj. (egg-REE-jus)
Horrible, unthinkable, grieving, shocking, appalling.

Some of the things on the news are simply egregious.
The very thought that I'd try to steal from you is egregious.
Where did you get such an egregious idea?

I hope your transition back into the week, after our long Labor Day weekend, is not "egregious" for you. :o)