Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the Works

     About a week and a half from now is the Hartfield Assembly, a local Jane Austen-style ball. Think Pride and Prejudice dancing, without Mr. Collins to make things awkward. :o)
     My co-worker at the coffee shop is hosting it with her sister. She can't contain her excitement, which is wonderful because her excitement is extremely contagious. I can't contain mine either.

     I'm making two dresses: one for me (I make a new one every ball; I just love to sew!) and one for my sister (she's 12 and this'll be her first ball). This fabric^ is from her dress. I just have a few things to finish up and it'll be done. I am super excited! The dress is turning out so well and I can't wait to see my little sister all dressed up in it!
     I'm using Sense and Sensibility's Recency gown pattern (the Simplicity version). I've made four dresses from it so far, so I know and love this pattern well. Once you get the hang of it, it is super easy and quick to assemble. Which is nice, because otherwise I'd die from the stress of making two dresses in less than two weeks. As I stand now, however, it's all easy-peasy, which leaves more room for fun!!! :)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snapshots of a Springy Day

     Happy Tuesday to you all! I want to share some pictures from yesterday. I think I can say that spring is back! (knock on wood :o)

Yesterday was simply beautiful, and very productive. I was able to finish all my homework for American Lit class, read all of Polyanna by Eleanor H. Porter, take photos, and sew a new little neck scarf for our dog:

Here, we see Miss Lilly sporting a snazzy new kerchief.

I also got sunburned while wearing a dress, which is the most delightful springy-thing ever. Every girl should get sunburned in a dress at least once.

     The sunshine left by late afternoon, by which time I heard about the terrible tragedy in Boston. My heart hurts for the lives affected like this. It grieves me that people can be so evil. The only thing to do is pray and try to reach out with love. My prayers are with Boston this week.