Friday, May 11, 2012

That Awesome Moment When You Feel Like a Genius...

So I recently switched around the furniture in my bedroom. I like doing that every so often; it makes me feel fresh and accomplished. :)

But there was this one corner that bugged me. I only had a chair sitting in this corner. No vintage picture on the wall, nothing pretty, just blah. An off-white wall. No fun.

So I decided, keeping with the generally vintage/girly theme of my room and my own vintage/girly roots, to make a sort of bulletin board... a vintage/girly bulletin board. Here's what I did: (sorry for the less-than-desirable picture lighting... it was a cloudy day, my room only has one window, and I detest using flash :}

I started with three lengths of wide ribbon I had laying around, about three feet in length. I had two white ribbons and one blue, and I decoratively nipped the ends... vintage-style :)

I then secured the large ribbons to the wall using straight pins (very sophisticated, I know), hot-gluing buttons over the pinhead to hide it. I put up the blue ribbon, situated in the middle, first...

...And then I put up the white ribbons on either side, about eight inches away. The next step was hot gluing favorite pictures, magazine snippets, vintage-looking cards, ribbon bows, buttons, and other fun stuff to my "board."

And yes... there are photos of me and my significant other :) The great thing about hot glue is that while it secures your pictures and memorabilia to the ribbon, it does so without permanently attaching them, so it's quite easy to take stuff off and put on new things!

Hope you enjoyed my moment of genius... I was super pleased with myself! Though, with my luck, someone probably has had this idea (and posted it on the internet) for years now. Oh, well!



  1. Ooh, I love this idea. It totally fits in with your style. P.S. I love how you linked to Ruffles and Stuff. Isn't her blog awesome?

  2. Thanks Maria! Glad you like it! :) And yes, Ruffles and Stuff is a-MAZE-ing!!


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