Friday, November 30, 2012

Obsession of the Week: Christmas Crafties

I'll start this post out with a disclaimer: I am really tired and not responsible for what comes out of my fingertips. I've had a doozy of a day! :o)

I thought about starting a weekly "series" (I guess you could call it?) called "Obsession of the Week", which is pretty self-explanatory. I often find myself not just liking something, but being (reasonably) obsessed with it, and I thought blogging about it would be a fun way to share ideas (and maybe offer myself a source of therapy :o)

So my weekly obsession for this past week was Christmas crafts. I've been perusing Pinterest, and here's what I've found (click on the pictures to find the links):

Rustic Christmas Candles
Gah!!! My favorite idea ever!!!

So doing this!!

Christmas Printables- Joy to the World Banner- Today's Creative Blog
...and this!!

So what are your obsessions this week? Let me know! :)


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