Sunday, December 2, 2012


As far as weekends go, this one was pretty productive. And to a procrastinator (such as myself), any unexpected productivity is cause for rejoicing!

I got to wash my car after an embarrassing amount of time since it was last washed, and I got to try out an idea I found on Pinterest. Apparently washing headlights with toothpaste clears hazy lights. Well I tried it, and:
Do you see a difference? Please tell me you do!
The results were a bit disappointing, but the difference was there... just easier to see in person :o) I think if I had left the paste on for an hour or so, the results would have been much more dramatic. Pinterest conveniently left that out :)

I also revived my fervor for crocheting after getting a cute beret pattern from a friend. I think I'll make a couple for Christmas presents; pictures to come :)

And remember this?

Well, I got to recreate it today!!! So exciting! I'll post pictures of the process tomorrow or Tuesday. It was super easy and super fun! I've discovered that I love working with old books... the possibilities are endless!

Hope your weekend was splendid! Have a great week!


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