Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy End-of-Summer!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to jot something down quick so at least I could feel accomplished... and to wish you a happy end-of-summer! I always get so sentimental at this time of the year; I love the lazy summer days and the summer weather, trips to the beach and walks to the woods. But a wise man once said that "to everything there is a season," (Ecc. 3:1a), and so there can be good things about changing seasons. I do love fall; I'd have to say that summer and fall tie for my affections :o) But I love something about every season. There's a lot of beauty to be joyful about!

So whether your school year begins tomorrow (mine does), or next week, or even if it already has, I congratulate you on your summer and wish you a happy school year/fall/whatever you call it!

Bye-bye Summer 2013; it was good to know you!


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