Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Word of the Week: Superfluous!

Happy Tuesday!

Today's Word of the Week is one of my favorite words. I use it all the time in my head, but whenever I talk to someone else it's hard to explain what it means, so I end up having to substitute another word. Not that I'm calling other people stupid, mind you. "Superfluous" is just a very uncommon word.

adj. (suh-PER-flew-us)

Superfluous means unnecessary, something extra that can be (or needs to be) taken away.

My diet contains superfluous calories.
The new budget cuts any superfluous spending.
Your essay has many superfluous sentences.

So enjoy this new word! I hope it becomes a favorite of yours. Use it often, because learning and using new words is so fun, and you never have too many of them! There is no such thing as superfluous words!! :o)

...and tune in Thursday for a review of The Book Thief!


UPDATE: I realized that I accidentally promised a review of The Book Thief when I gave you a review of Below Stairs instead. I apologize for the discrepancy. The Book Thief will be reviewed at a later date; not exactly sure when :o)

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