Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Word of the Week: Gregarious

Alas, I've been lax! I apologize for the tardiness. I've been busy and forgetful, and so I've missed a book review day and a Word of the Week!

So here is this week's word. I came across it in my Autobiographical Writing class. I had to consult the wisdom of Google again, because I either don't know or I forgot (which is probably more likely) what it means:

adj. "Fond of company; sociable" (from Google)

The Reverend is a very gregarious man.
The gregarious dog got excited when company came over.
I wish I was more gregarious!

Enjoy your new word! Go forth and be gregarious!


P.S. I will have a book review of Pleasing God out tomorrow... I promise! :)

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