Monday, December 3, 2012

Pinterest Christmas Crafties: Episode 1

I am so proud of myself! I actually got around to trying out a Pinterest idea, and it worked! This is joyous news indeed :)

This was the inspiration I've showed you before. And this:

...was my rendition. Read on to see how it's done! (sorry about the iffy pictures; I was using my phone and had bad lighting :o)

Step 1: I clicked on the Pinterest photo, which brought me to this blog. I downloaded the letters and printed them off.

Step 2: I took the old book I showed you earlier:

It was hard to bring myself to rip pages out of this. I love old books. The only thing that let me do it was the fact that this book is so darn boring. I know it's a classic and all, but it's really, really, boring. Otherwise I could've never brought myself to use such a beautiful old book. I (carefully, since the elderly thing is quite frail) ripped out nine pages.

Step 3: Punch two holes in the top. I would suggest using a large hole punch or maybe making several punches to make the holes bigger (as I had to do later), because I eventually threaded ribbon through the holes, and the frail paper ripped in places.

Step 4: Make triangular cuts on the bottom of each page to give it a banner look.

Step 5: Cut out the black letters. It's important to be very careful and cut them out nearly perfectly; this will ensure that the project looks finished and pretty-like :)

Step 6: Paste the letters onto the book pages. Don't they look lovely??

Step 7: I used gold organza ribbon to thread through the letters, but you could use satin ribbon or even fabric! Anything vintage and Christmas-ey :o)

And yer done!

This is a super simple project that yields beautiful results. There's such a satisfaction in something looking decent the first time you make it!! This is a rarity for little old OCD me, so I'm enjoying it!! :o)


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