Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Must-Read Book... Seriously

     So in case you haven't noticed... I'm a girl (shocking, I know). And because I'm a girl, I do things, say things, and process things the way girls do. And (I'm sorry, but) you would have to be a complete idiot to not know that girls and guys are different. We have our similarities, of course; otherwise we'd never get along, but at our cores we are wired differently. Guys do things, say things, and process things in ways that I never would and could. And you know what? That is perfectly okay. That's what makes relationships so beautiful: the fact that, despite/because of our differences, men and women can complement each other perfectly.
     Along those lines, I've been reading this book:

                                                        Picture courtesy of Amazon :) 

     Guys are Waffles: Girls are Spaghetti is everything a book on romantic relationships (in this case, teenage ones, but the message applies to adult ones as well,) should be. It's funny. It's thought-provoking. It's true. The whole premise of the book is pretty much explained in the title: Guys, like waffles, go through life seeing every aspect of life in it's own separate box. Girls, like spaghetti, see every aspect of life as interconnected, affecting every other aspect of life. 
     If you are currently single with the intention of one day being in a relationship, this book is awesome. It gives you a clear understanding of the opposite sex. And if you are currently in a romantic relationship, this book is awesome. It imparts wisdom that will help you wisely navigate the ins and outs of your significant other's general personality. And if you are currently married, this book is awesome just because the book is awesome. 
     I can't and don't want to go into detail on all that the book offers. You need to get it for yourself. If you've ever wondered "why are boys/girls like that?" the book is for you. You will laugh out loud at times, nod your head in voracious agreement at other times, and maybe once or twice widen your eyes with a "eureka!" at still other times. 
     Whatever the case may be, please, please read this book. You won't be sorry, no matter where you are in life, age-wise or relationship wise. I am aware that this is the "teenage" version; the original "adult/marriage" version is on the market as well. But this is a great, easy-read book to whet your appetite. (Get it? Waffles/spaghetti, appetite? Harharhar ;)

Check out the book on the Amazon website by clicking here.

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