Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grad Party Prep

So, my graduation party is this week, and I'm in charge of decorating! Yay! I finally get to let my creative juices flow and utilize all my Pinterest photos! Hehe :)

My greatest source of inspiration comes from the website ~Ruffles and Stuff~. Disney has such amazing ideas (and her name is Disney; how awesome is that??)!! She had an idea to cut out butterflies from scrapbook paper, and I'll be doing that to paste on mason jars filled with wildflowers. (I got the butterfly template here.)

And my favorite project to work on are these beautiful, super-easy paper flowers!

This idea also came from Ruffles and Stuff. Click on the picture to learn how to make 'em! It is seriously SO easy. My boyfriend came over yesterday to help me make some (isn't that the sweetest?), and he did pretty well!

I'm also making a few of these:

Tree branches decorated with paper leaves! How ingenious!

So there's a little glimpse of my projects this week. I'll post pics of the actual party (and my versions of these crafts) later.

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