Monday, June 11, 2012


   This past weekend I reached a milestone; I graduated from high school. It's sort of surreal in that I can't believe I'm really this old.


    My family, grandparents and beau traveled into Erie for the commencement. I was home schooled, so the ceremony was made up of homeschooled graduates in the Erie area. It was very nice!

That confounded tassel would not stay on right!

   Afterward we visited Presque Isle, the Peninsula that has sweet beaches right on Lake Erie.

I built the house and trees. Boyfriend made the cliffs behind them :)

   The day was wonderful. It was a blessed, memorable time with those dearest to me, which makes for the best kind of graduation day. Because, after all, these are the people that helped me become who I am. Without them I wouldn't be graduating! 



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